Meet Community Game Changer Joe Rotondi

Congratulations to Community Game Changer Joe Rotondi with  Forge Greensboro

Congratulations to Community Game Changer Joe Rotondi with Forge Greensboro

Joe Rotondi serves as the Executive Director for Forge Greensboro, located in Downtown Greensboro. There, Joe connects makers with the tools and technology to pursue a hobby, business, or a new skill. Joe discovered the Forge when he wanted to learn how to do woodworking and joined the Forge in 2014. His love for people and community inspired Joe to purse a degree in Social Entrepreneurship from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. He also serves on the Launch Greensboro Advisory Board. At the 2019 Nations of Makers Conference, he was awarded for building the Forge’s Talent Pipeline, an unconventional path to employment in the skilled trades. Under his leadership, the Forge is the largest makerspace in the southeast.


Prior to serving the Forge, Joe helped build and run the GSO City Market, the Zombie Run, the Running of the Balls, the Mudbug Run, and John’s Run - all community focused events that raised money for local nonprofits. This experience led him to study how to build, grow, and maintain businesses with a social conscience at UNCG.

His goal is to develop the diversity of the Forge to match the community surrounding it. Joe sees the Forge as a powerful tool in demonstrating the true benefits of inclusive communities.

“Diversity in the inclusion of different ages, genders, races, economic and social stations is more than a trend - it is an absolute necessity to inspire creativity and develop innovation. New voices and perspectives drive new ideas and solutions.” According to Joe, “The Forge, like other makerspaces, are the expressions of a community and a dynamic force fueled by the creative collisions of people, their ideas, and ultimately their stories.”

Congratulations, Joe, and thank you for your contribution to Greater Greensboro.