Foundation Place: A Location with a Strong History in Greater Greensboro


The Community Foundation makes its home at "Foundation Place," formerly the Cone Export and Commission Building at 330 South Greene Street in downtown Greensboro. The 33,000-square-foot, Elizabethan Revival-style structure stands at the corner of Greene and Exchange Place, one block south of the historic Carolina Theatre.

The façade of the building features an upper bay window above a pointed arch entry, both crafted of limestone. Visitors walk up steps and through French-style doors into a rotunda with walnut walls and a black and white, checkerboard marble floor.

A restoration of the rotunda was made possible by the Wilbur L Carter Jr. Family in honor of Wilbur L. and Mott Carter's 60th wedding anniversary. It has been named the Carter Family Gallery and now houses ART/Foundation exhibits.

Built around 1924, Foundation Place originally housed the executive offices of the Cone Export and Commission Company. In those days, commodity exchanges for Cone were made at the Greensboro site, rather than on Wall Street or at the Chicago Commodities Exchange. The side street bordering the property is known as Exchange Place – a reflection of this illustrious history. The Cone family remains a generous philanthropic and guiding force in Greensboro and its Cemala Foundation is housed at Foundation Place.

In 1945 the Cone Export and Commission Building was purchased by the Southern Life Insurance Company, which was relocated to Greensboro in 1931 by W.L. Carter Sr. Later, T.C. Collins Sr. joined the firm and helped to grow the thriving business. After World War II, Wilbur "Bo" Carter Jr. and T. Clyde Collins Jr. joined their fathers in the firm and worked until it was sold in 1986. Both the Carter and Collins families are strong supporters of Greensboro and have played significant roles in the life of the Foundation.

In addition to its rich history, ties to prominent Greensboro philanthropic families and its current revival as Greensboro's center for philanthropy, Foundation Place serves as a great community resource, with space for meetings and a showcase for art.

The main Board room houses a rotating collection of works curated by GreenHill Center for NC Art. This collection is composed of talented regional artists.

Foundation Place is closely connected to our community’s history and to its strong tradition of philanthropic giving.



Foundation Place

330 S Greene Street Suite 100

Greensboro, NC 27401

phone (336) 379-9100

Monday - Thursday, 8:30 - 5 pm

Friday (Summer Hours), 8:30 - 3 pm