Tornado Relief Update

Since a tornado struck East Greensboro on April 15th with 135 mph winds, damage to residential, commercial, and institutional structures in East Greensboro has been estimated to be worth over $48 million. Approximately $30 million worth of that damage occurred to residential structures. People from around the world joined in a concerted effort to help Greater Greensboro recover from the storm. With the United Way of Greater Greensboro and the Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, $783,093 of funds were raised.

CityGSO Stats 201808.png

Storm Recovery Alliance Resources Available

Resources are available for rehousing, home repairs, counseling services, mortgage/rent/insurance deductible payments, utility bill payments and deposits for new service, damaged utility connection assistance and case management/basic needs. Four homes have been repaired and SRA is working with families to repair 33 more.

Local Funds Raised - $783,093

FEMA - 222 registrations approved; $341,110 housing assistance dollars approved; $308,137.04 other needs assistance dollars approved

Those Served - 48 families received deductible assistance; 93 people received rent and/or mortgage assistance; 66 people have been rehoused; 1,182 vouchers for clothing and meals have been distributed; 1,080 bags of food and household supplies have been distributed.

You never know when your time may come that you need help and assistance. It means so much to receive when you need it the most. This has been a humbling experience.
— Robert Overby, Greensboro Resident

For the most up-to-date information on the storm recovery, please visit the City of Greensboro’s Storm Recovery Resources Page.