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A local high school alumnus opens fund to honor mother

A donor left the bulk of her estate for the creation of a significant public park for Greensboro.

"Honor Thy Mother and Father"  A Donor Story

"Honor Thy Mother and Father" A Donor Story

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The Community Foundation makes it easy to establish a charitable fund that carries your name, commemorates a special event, supports a special project or honors a favorite organization, friend or family member. We can even help you establish a charitable trust that provides a steady stream of income during your lifetime. You define the charitable purpose and intent for your fund and decide on the fund's name. 

We look forward to working together to discover the type of fund that's right for you. Your options include donor-advised funds, scholarship funds, field of interest funds, endowments, corporate foundation funds, funds established by private foundations, memorials, designated funds, charitable gift annuities, giving circles and bequests. We also offer funds that can be established by nonprofits for reserves or endowments. 



Give to any fund through our secure online donation portal.

Check out this Comparison Chart to learn the benefits of establishing a fund compared with a private foundation.

Establish a fund with a gift of cash, securities, real estate, IRA distributions, life insurance, or through a bequest. Add to your fund any time, in any amount. 


Download a donor-advised fund grant recommendation form.

Check out a sample establishing document to find out how easy it is to create your own fund.

Download our Donor Advised Fund Handbook to access wire transfer instructions and other helpful information about how to use your fund.




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Guidelines for fund administration can be found in our Donor Advised Fund Handbook.